Enjoy The Ultimate Lifestyle Business and
Become a Worland Electric Bicycle Independent Seller!

No Franchise Fees – No Major Restrictions – No Inventory to Buy – No Money to Handle
Just Freedom to Sell!

Whether you want to increase your income, save the planet, or want a change of lifestyle, becoming a Worland Electric Bicycle Independent Seller is an incredibly fun and low risk way to do it!   We take care of all the hard parts, and leave the selling to your friends and neighbors up to you.  Other than buying the choice of one of our e-bikes to use as a demonstrator e-bike, there’s no inventory to buy, no sales obligations to meet, and nobody breathing down your neck.

Selling Electric Bicycles

Frankly, most direct sellers of fat tire electric bikes don’t have to do much “selling”.  They get out and ride their Worland hybrid (human/electric) bicycles around in the right neighborhoods, ride the trails, go to wineries and local breweries, go to fairs and events, or to an open cafe… people flock to them to see their e-bike.  Get ’em to try out your electric bicycle, and they are sold. It can be simple as that.

How it works…

  1. Become an owner and buy your choice of our hybrid (human/electric) bicycles.
  2. Once you sell an e-bike, you’ll get a 10% rebate on your e-bike, PLUS 12.5% of the sale amount of the first e-bike you sell!
  3. The more you sell, the higher the % you’ll get.


-Selling a Couple of E-Bikes a Month Could Make You Over $15,000.00 (Assumes average sale of $3850)

-Direct Seller Commissions Grow With Sales

Your Customers Can Sell & You’ll Benefit

Your New Dealers Will Earn You More Commissions

Find New Reps While You Sell

When you sell a Worland electric bicycle to someone who decides to become one of our independent dealers, you’ll get 2.5% of their e-bike sales for as long as the program continues.  Depending on their sales level, you can make an extra slug of cash.

12.5% Commission for Selling

1-3 Electric Bicycles

15% Commission for Selling

4-6 Electric Bicycles

17.5% Commission for Selling

7+ Electric Bicycles

No Obligations – No Quotas – No Inventory to Buy

Have a blast riding your Worland electric bicycle and make some money too. Do as much or as little as you want, with ABSOLUTELY:

  • NO sales quotas or reporting requirements
  • NO hassles from the home office
  • NO inventory to buy
  • NO complicated multi-level commission schemes

You’ll automatically get paid once the return period has expired. Simple as that.

Enjoy Yourself While You Sell – You Deserve It!
Here’s how we support your efforts:

Social Media Support

You’ll get a step by step plan for your own social media marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. You choose what to do, but most people enjoy posting about their e-bike rides.  Youtube videos of your review of your Worland electric bicycle will drive people to seek you out.

Marketing Collateral Support

Want postcards, business cards, or brochures to give to the people you meet?  We’ll send you a file that’s customized with your name so you can have your own materials printed at whatever quantities you want.

Website Listing

You’ll be listed on our website so people near you who are looking to try one out can get in touch with you through our lead generation program. (Strictly voluntary on your part).

Monthly Video Conferences

Monthly direct seller’s video conference where you can trade tips with other direct sellers.

Just Three Easy Steps:

Step One

Become an owner of the Worland Limited Edition Electric Bicycle of your choice.

Step Two

Sign up for the Worland Electric Bicycle Direct Sellers Program.

Its Free… and NO COMMITMENTS! 

Step Three

Do as much as you want to do, when you want to do it.  But you are free to use our step by step instructions on how to promote yourself on social media. Garner sales from just doing what you enjoy, riding and talking about your own Worland electric bicycle.