Worland Electric Bicycle Independent Seller Program Contract

The contract below must be signed and returned to us via email to Josh@worlandltd.com

How You’ll Succeed

  1. Become a Worland bicycle owner and let potential buyers try riding it. You many choose any model you’d like, and customize it with any of our accessories.
  2. Behave honorably to everyone when selling Worland Bicycles. Always tell the truth, and omit nothing. Always obey local laws while demonstrating Worland Bicycles.
  3. It would be great if you give us feedback from your selling and riding experiences.
  4. Avoid discussing subjects with potential buyers that could lead to conflict, such as politics, religion, sexual preferences etc…
  5. Sign the agreement below. 

How We Operate (and You Should Too)

Worland electric bicycles are a powerful premium product, and Worland is a friendly business. Yours should be too!  We never use high pressure sales tactics or spam prospects with unwanted email, social media, or telephone calls. Neither should you.  We treat people how we’d like to be treated.  If there ever is a problem let us know immediately. We’ll endeavor to make it right!

Your Customers Order Through Our Website

All orders from your customers should only be placed directly with us through this website.  We’ll handle all customer service and delivery questions, leaving you free to enjoy life and sell more!  Our systems are setup with the highest available security.  Accepting money directly from the buyer, or taking their credit card information puts the liability and the consequences on you, when it should be on us.