Why Worland Electric Bicycles?

Make Your Workout Adventurous… Get Out & Ride!

“Wow that was fun!”  is what we hear most often after people ride our electric bicycles E-bikes are great, but riding a Worland is another thing altogether. Use the thumb throttle to power you out of challenging situations. You can ride over mountainous trails, and take shortcuts in the urban jungles and never notice going over curbs. Go places out of your normal range, faster and farther. You’ll control your own workout without previous limitations of tough terrain or distance. Get your Worland e-bike today.

Power & Performance Not Found Elsewhere… Even on More Expensive Electric Bicycles

Totally engineered in the US, all Worland e-bikes start with a high-pressure hydroformed aluminum frame which is not only stronger but stiffer so it sways less under pressure, allowing it to accelerate faster.  We use powerful commercial grade mid-drive electric bicycle motors that take maximum advantage of the bicycle’s drive-train. Each e-bike is fine tuned to get gear ratios and braking systems just right for the frame and fat-tires. Worland uses sensors so that it can match the motor’s power assistance to your pedal power. Of course, when you apply the brakes, your Worland will automatically cut the motor so you’ll save energy, and experience less wear and tear on your brakes. A true pedelec with a thumb throttle!

A True Pedelec with a Thumb Throttle — Seven Levels of Pedal Power Assist 

  • Each Worland electric bicycle comes with a thumb throttle that allows you extra power to get around or over obstacles, or just take off from a standstill faster at traffic lights.
  • Pedal Power Assist mode gives you seven levels of power assistance only while you pedal.  This will enable you to control how much of a workout you want, and will have an impact on battery life. Less assistance will give you longer battery life.
  • Of course you can ride your Worland without any pedal power assist.

Engineered in America With Global Premium Brand Components

Each of our hybrid bicycles (human/electric powered) use high quality brand name components providing the confidence you want, and the performance you need whether riding in urban environments, on dunes, in the mountains, on snow, through streams, on gravel, or almost any other challenging terrain or environment.

Built to Last – Tested Under Punishing Conditions

Our fat-tire electric bicycles provide stability in snow, on sandy beaches, overland on mountain trails, on city streets, and in suburbia.  All Worland ebikes are tested under extreme conditions in and around Bend, Oregon. From the Oregon Coast beaches, to the rugged snowy terrain of Mount Hood, our test riders (up to 250 lbs.) test each component, motor, and battery to assure you seamless performance.

Hybrid Human/Electric Bicycles Give Just as Much Exercise – and Multiply Your Distance!

You can get just as much exercise on an electric bicycle as you can with a bicycle that is handicapped without an electric motor. The difference is that you can go wherever you want, and extend your range much further than you could without the assistance of the motor.  Hills or mountains that would drain too much energy for you before, are now doable!